DC FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Brand NEW Diamond Cross Tool. It's taken over a decade from first prototype of The FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener to full production.
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 Divide and Conquer in an instant with the ALL NEW Point 2 Point™ Mk2
Divide and layout in an instant with the NEW Point 2 Point™ Mk2
Solve layout problems in an instant with the NEW Point 2 Point™ Mk2
If time is money the NEW Point 2 Point Mk2 is a must have.
It's Bigger - Now expands up to 2.1/2ft , Stronger - Mechanism is twice as thick as before with a smoother action - Each pivot point is fitted with a nylon 66 washer.
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 BRAND NEW The CRB7 - Combination Router Base
Probably the most versatile router jig on the planet. The CRB7 boasts 7 core functions that will take your router to the next level of performance. Cut off-set mortises, precision circles and wheels, Index route false panelling and more. The only router jig you’ll ever need.
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  Lateral thinking with the FASTTRACK (PSS1) diamond stone sharpening   system.
M.POWER brings you an innovative sharpening system that will have you regaining that razor sharp edge on chisels and plane blades in seconds. The PSS employs a unique lateral sharpening stroke making it the quickest hand operated system available. From the ultra course 100grit diamond stone to the fine finishing 1000 grit stone is not only fast but creates a long lasting supreme edge. The sharpening process requires no training and the PSS is virtually maintenance free. For further information on this hand tool click here.
  NEW DC® diamond sharpening stones
The all new Diamond Cross range of high quality diamond sharpening stones have been specifically designed, developed and manufactured by M.Power exclusively for the PSS1 sharpening system. New features include relief etched diamond grade/grit indicator so each stone grit can be clearly identified at a glance. Twin recessed backing plate for quick change between diamond grades. Results recorded the DC range with the highest abrasion rates tested.
These superior sharpening stones are also available separately, they certainly come in handy around the workshop.
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  Going round in circles with the Flat Lying Trammel Set
If you want to draw circle or arc, cut card or veneer this is the tool for you. Clip the compass heads onto your square and use as a marking or mortise gauge.
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  Keeping up with the fastest Profile Scriber in the world
The perfect butt leaves other profile scribers standing. Accurate and fast it’s a must have when scribing and fitting flooring, kitchen worktops, kickboards etc against uneven surfaces.
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