CRB7 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the CRB7 MK3 Bundle?
    • CRB7 MK3
    • Trim Kit
    • Edge Guide
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  • Will I need to purchase an additional set of 10 mm rods?
  • If you have used the 10mm rods in the initial set up between router and CRB. The large compass can be used with the remaining 8mm rods, however there's more technique required in order to prevent flex in the rods whilst routing. To remove any chance of flex. you'd need to buy an additional pair of 10mm rods, found here.

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  • My router cutter does not sit centrally in the CRB's base plate letterbox - Is this a problem?
  • No It's not a problem - Providing the outer edge of the cutter clears the parameter of the base plate letterbox.

    It does not affect the performance of the CRB.
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  • The rods of the CRB have a smaller diameter than the rods of my router - Will the CRB still work with my router?
  • The short answer is yes
    The CRB MkIII includes 2 sets of rods with different diameters
    2 x 9/32” (7mm) and 2 x 5/16” (8mm)
    This allows the CRB7 MkIII to fit a larger range of different makes and models of router. It is recommended to fit the largest rod diameters that the router base will allow. As the closer the fit between rod and router base rod drilling minimizes the router tracking or crabbing on the baseplate when using the micro adjuster.
    There are also accessory rods available with larger diameters for routers with even larger base rod drillings These are available on the following link or please ask your stockist and M.Power would be more than happy to supply them through your favorite store.
    2 x 24/64” (10mm) rods -
    2 x 15/32” (12mm) rods -

    It's important during set up to ensure that the CRB rods are set up precisely so that the bottom of the CRB rods rest exactly at the bottom the router base rod drillings. It's also important to use 2 x spanners when tightening and locking the Adjuster rod in position on the bridge. Using just a single spanner can rotate the rod and cranked plate assembly out of alignment.
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  • I'm confused which CRB7 model have I got?
  • You can identify the models by checking the following details:
    The MkI includes a shim kit to adjust the bridge height and also has black dia 5/16” (8mm) rods and no cranked plates.
    The MkII has cranked plates fitted between the 2 x main rods and the bridge and no shim kit - The rods can be either dia 9/32” (7mm) or dia 5/16” (8mm).
    The MkIII includes 2 sets of rods dia 9/32” (7mm) or dia 5/16” (8mm) and a Large Compass Kit.
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  • I have a large router usually fitted to a router table. Will the CRB still work with it?
  • Yes it will, however due to the heavier weight of the router and in some cases much larger rods and rod drillings, There may be increased resistance when the router moves across the CRB baseplate when using the micro adjuster. Larger diameter rods improve this movement and reduce the chance of tracking.
    Measure the rod drillings in the base of the router in order to ascertain which of the Larger accessory rods to order.
    2 x 24/64” (10mm) rods -
    2 x 15/32” (12mm) rods
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  • Why is the Micro Adjuster stiff to turn when my router is mounted on the CRB, but easy to turn when the router is taken off?
  • This can be caused when setting up the CRB to your router. It is very important to use 2 x spanners when tightening and locking the Adjuster rod in position. Using a single spanner can rotate the rod and cranked plate assembly out of alignment. Altering the rods position relative to the router-base rod drilling and setting up tension between router and CRB, which in-turn creates a stiff Micro Adjuster.
    Larger heavier routers will make the micro adjustment stiffer.
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  • I’m finding the instruction manual quite difficult to follow.
  • We’re sorry for any confusion caused by the complicated nature of the instruction manual. It is in part due to the number of functions and the numerous variations of set-up for the many different routers that the CRB fits. We have produced a Computer generated demonstration video which shows initial set up and goes through all the functions. Customers have said this has been helpful in their understanding of the tool. ^ Top
  • Is the plastic protective coating/covering on the bottom of the router base meant to be peeled off before use?
  • Its only there for protection of the Baseplate during manufacture and assembly and is designed to be removed before use. Some people do leave it on as long as possible however its only temporary. ^ Top
  • Can you tell me what router bit type would be recommended to use with the liptri kit when finishing off glue on edging?
  • A straight flute with a diameter larger than the edge your gluing is good. Although I prefer a bowl bit as it reduces the chance of break out. ^ Top