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5 Stars
I like it,  by Greg Hines (Middle Tennessee) March 2014
This review is from: M.POWER CRB7 7-In-1 Router Jig (Electronics)
I have had this for a couple of years, and while I do not do as much woodworking as I used to, it is particularly versatile when you need to use a router for many common hand held procedures. I have used it for edge banding, dados and grooves, and a couple of circle cuts over the years.

My only complaint is not really with the base, but with the Porter-Cable 690 router that I use with it. I use a plunge base, and it is very handy. However, the PC690 uses regular Phillips head screws to lock the router to the guide rails, and nobody sells thumbscrews in the 12-24 pitch that you need to replace them. Nobody, that is, except for Who will be happy to sell you between 800 and 4000 of them. Why that would be is a very good question.

Hartville Tools:

4 Stars
One nice thing is that it gives you a way to... by King Waters December 18, 2014
This jig takes a little getting used to [what doesn't?], but it works. I suggest you take a little care with it. My son used it as a circle cutter and succeeded on his first try. One nice thing is that it gives you a way to see exactly where your adjustments take the bit, before a cut is ever made. The base is plastic, as is the edge-guide. So don't toss it around. It is from a British company, and they have thought out various operations. Videos are available on their website, and on YouTube. Buy it on sale, or with credit card/Amazon points, and you will be getting a useful piece of equipment. I also have a Micro Fence, which is more expensive, but more robust. I use whichever makes the job easy and efficient.

5 Stars
By Olesya August 8, 2014
Good item, good quality, start to test it.

Infinity Cutting Tools:

5 Stars Verified Buyer
"Great" by John T (Minnesota, United States) February 21, 2018
"Awesome small shop addition! Turns a router into SO much more!"

5 Stars
by Jon C (California, United States) January 19, 2018
"Love it!"

5 Stars
"Great quality & Price" by Jerry K (Oregon, United States) January 12, 2018
I received this tool yesterday and although I have not had a chance to try it, I was impressed by the high quality look of it and can't wait to give it a try.

5 Stars Verified Buyer
"Great" CRB7 Router Base: A Great Tool for the Router by James H (GA, United States) August 21, 2017
"I have been putting this jig through its paces and have found it to be incredibly accurate. It allows you to do so much with your router so precise and with much less effort than using the router alone."

5 Stars
“Great” CRB7 performs as described by Gary S (California, United States) October 3, 2017
Easy to setup and use. Very accurate with repeatable results and looking forward to many more projects made easy with my Infinity CRB7.

5 Stars
Great product By chris c (United States) April 6, 2016
only played with it on scrap however it is built well and I can see many hours of use I would recommend it

5 Stars
Terrific design By Dennis O November 30, 2015
Great value for the price. I will not be using this much until my shop is set up, which will be well into the spring. When I watched the video (several times) I was convinced that the CRB7 is a terrific design, took advantage of the sale price.


Quality this is first and Thanelson April 30, 2012
I have used the other plastic circle guide but this is the real deal very well engineered and well thought out. if you build speakers or do any amount of wood work this should be in your tool selection before you buy more bits fast accurate and worth the investment.

Parts Express:

5 Stars
5 / 5 Features
5 / 5 Value
5 / 5 Like
I like it, adjustable, comes with 10mm, 8mm & 7mm guide rods. Offset base cut out accomodates most router settings.

5 Stars
must have accessory for CBR7 router jig
If you work with plywood and need to do edge banding to cover up the panel ends, the LIPTRI edging adapter kit is BY FAR the best flush trimming set up I have ever used (and there have been many- most frustrating due to small footprint of the router base and narrow edges of the workpiece). This tool eliminates gouging and proud spots caused by the router tilting as well as the burn streaks associated with guide bearings mounted on the router bit.

5 Stars
Bang slapshot January 23, 2014
Easy set up, easy to use. Real pleasure how simple this is to set up and adjust. Versatile, fast, steady for round and straight cuts. Don't understand concerns regarding smaller rods than before: they still tighten in all 3 routers I own, and if you push your cuts hard enough to bend them, you're probably snapping your bits. Learn to use tools! Highly recommended product.

5 Stars
You spin me slapshot December 2012
This is not like the photo and I don't care. Easy set up, not getting why some cannot centre their routers, my porter cable, dewalt, and ryobi Were a breeze. I love that you can "creep up" on your cut diameters, and make ANY small adjustments necessary. Well worth the price difference for a circle jig. Buy this, it'll destress Your circle cutting.

5 Stars
Top notch engineering…by ranedoggy June 2012
I haven't had a chance to use every feature this is has. There are so many ways to use this simple yet elegant piece of equipment, it will be some time before all are tried out. Fit and finish are great and the functions I have tried were easy to set up and came out perfectly. I do high-end fine woodworking as well as speaker building, and this tool accessory is a jewel for the price of a rock! I recommend the edging kit if you work with plywood part #365-652 See review.

4 Stars
First day with the CRB7…by fahaka January 2013
I used the M.POWER CRB7 for the first time today for a dual 6 ½”woofer, soft dome tweeter build. I was using my Dewalt DW618PK. I wasn’t able to use the handle that comes with the CRB7 for most of my cuts because of the Dewalt handles interfering.
I ended up making a small adapter to keep my cuts accurate. The posts that mount to the plunger section of my Dewalt are smaller in diameter and caused play in router to CRB7 mounting. It would be a lot nicer if there were sleeves to make it a tight fit. My adapter did not work for all cut diameters I needed.
The CRB7 is a lot nicer and easier to use then a similar kit that I bought from sears.

5 Stars
Great circle jig! John Frum January 2012
I love this tool. I use a digital micrometer to set the diamter and knock out perfect circles. It's as accurate as you can measure. You are not locked into 1/16th of an inch increments. Oh and it does a bunch of other stuff I have not tried yet.


5 Stars
Tom O March 3rd, 2018
Must have router accessory.
If you need dadoes, rabbits or grooves in large work pieces this is the tool to have. Works equally well at edge routing or while doing interior work. I've coupled mine with my clamp-on edge guide with great success.

5 Stars
By Rashad A December 2, 2017
Circles larger than 50 inches.
When I bought the CRB7 I was hoping there would be a way I could alter the base to make bigger circles. When I discovered that the four guide rods screw together , end to end , I screwed the smaller rod into the base and proceeded to cut the 35-3/8" radius circle to match the arch of my windows. It worked flawlessly. I also use the router and base to trim the plywood around the window framing.

5 Stars
By Ern August 12, 2017
I needed something to cut mortises on the back legs of curved dining chairs I was making and it worked fantastic.

5 Stars
By Anita M November 27, 2016
Handy tool to have. This is easy to apply and easy to use.

By David H November 10 2016
I viewed a video sponsored by Rockler on the features that this will do using a router. Must have

By Don B November 17, 2016
I would like to cut out multi size circles and this product looks like it will do the trick. Yes I could make my own jig, but it has multi features I may be using in the future. This jig will save me time from having to make other jigs and space in my shop.

By The Woodmiester November 25, 2016
This is what I needed to make work with a router a little easier. Especially for dados if you don't have a table saw yet.

By Stephen N Sept 17, 2016
It has a lot of functions I need.

5 Stars
M-Power CRB7 MK3 Multi-Function Router Base by Edward H August 2016
What a tool. I don't know of another tool, for layout and cutting in so many ways, as this one. Any width of dados from one setup ( plywood thickness) inlay work (different patterns) and circle cuttings, just to mention a few.

5 Stars
Easy to use by Ronald EJ July 2016
Finally a base that I don't need to measure the distance from the edge of the router to the cut. Just get it close and use the fine adjustment to get it spot on. The hole cutting feature is very easy to set up and the cut is perfect. I needed to cut a 4.25 inches diameter hole in a 2 by 6. I just drilled the center hole all the way through and cut from both sides. The hole was perfect. I am concerned about the magnetic storage of the pilot baring but I have not had any problem with it, yet.

By Tim Touchstone:
I have owned the M-Power CRB7 MK3 for almost a year now, and have been extremely happy with it. I hardly ever get my stacked DADO set out to cut grooves with my table saw! As to your question about it fitting your DeWalt Router, the CRB7 has 2 sets of guide rods that fit almost every router made. Measure the rods on your edge guide that came with your router. If they measure between 9/32" (7mm) and 5/16" (8mm), then it will fit fine.

By Stephen K:
Adds a lot of functionality to my small DeWalt router

By Lee W:

By Wayne P:
I've been looking for something like this for a while.

By Gnugs:
Very flexible -- lots of ways to use it.

By Melanie S.O:
Too brilliant a way to stay accurate, speed up project building, and expend less energy - as well as fussing with repairing inaccuracy/mishaps afterwards! Win-win-win(-win!).

By Clay A:
Accurate cutting with hand held router

By Grings:
Very flexible -- lots of ways to use it.

By David F:
Specific need for hand held routing job.

5 Stars
A well thought out and welcomed Ted Posted January 28, 2014
I've been a wood worker for 25 years. I have almost exclusively used a router table and table saw when routing, because I haven't liked the stability of a router. I bought this product (along with the edging trim kit) to hopefully give me the stability I wanted and therefore, additional versatility. It did exactly that and more. Edge trimming and flush trimming are finally a breeze without the worry of "dimples". While I do most of my mortising using a standalone mortiser (go figure), there have been times when I needed to create a mortise "after the fact" on a project. This does it easily. My favorite feature is the ability to create repetitive dados knowing that the alignment is perfect. One the main keys to good working and safety is control. This product finally does that for me when using a router by hand. It will take you a few minutes to get it set up, but once I did, I have been able to leave it attached for all of my hand-held routing needs.

It's also very important for me to mention the outstanding customer service I received after acquiring this product. The rods provided were too small for my router, which at first discouraged me. I then called Mpower who within a couple of days provided replacement rods AT NO CHARGE (not even mailing), which fit perfectly. It is my opinion that too many companies view customer service as an afterthought or don't provide it at all. I can easily say that this company should be held up as an example of how to do it right. Not only were they interested in getting their product performing as advertised in my hands, they also understood the passion a woodworker has for his craft and the excitement they feel when putting a new product into play. I applaud them for that and their product. I recommend it highly.

5 Stars
Mpower Combination Router Base David Posted January 28, 2014
I contacted the Mpower factory direct via email and they have amazing customer support. They sent me out the 12mm rods free of charge for my Dewalt Router. I am very happy with the product now and will definitely buy from them again.

4 Stars
Vincent N from Singapore, Singapore, Singapore Posted January 7, 2013
This is an update on my earlier review dated 12/22/2012. Apparently the unit I received is the newer MkII and not the original MkI. The MKII came with guide rods with rather small diameters and offset crank plates to accommodate more router models, but invariably caused play when using the micro-adjustment. Customer service by M-Power was top notch. Upon receiving my product feedback, one of their staff followed up with my problem closely and resolved it by sending me replacement parts based on MkI. The CRB7 now works as advertised. I am a happy customer again and have thus upgraded the product to 4 stars.

5 Stars
Well Crafted Router Base by Daniel C January 2016
It is as advertise. The thing I appreciate most is all multi-function parts are engineering right into the base I don't need to store it somewhere else. By that I mean I would forget where I put it. So good job.


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