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Paul Steffen
"The CRB7 ... is a real winner in my book"
Tom @ Toms Workbench Mar '12
"Thought went into a tool helping craftsman worry less
about the direction wood will want to split = less stress"
"The CRB7 ... delivers many features at an affordable
Steve Shanesy - Popular Woodworking Magazine Oct '12
"I love this tool ... It's as accurate as you can measure ...
Oh and it does a bunch of stuff I have not tried yet"
"This tool accessory is a jewel for the price of a rock!"
Rane Doggy, professional
"The CRB7 Router Base adds versatility to your router"
Brad Holden - American Woodworker

THE CRB7 - MHLF Mortise, Hinge, Lock and Flute
                         includes an Edge Guide

The CRB already greatly increases "on surface" routing stability.
But combined with the retro fit all new accessory - The MHLF, the solution to the serious issue of controlled cutter access into the edge of a board from above has arrived.
Now Cutting Mortises or Hinge or Lock Rebates or Edge Guide work is safer, quicker and more accurate than before. The MHLF includes an Edge Guide

Mega Bundle: CRB7 MK3 + MHLF
(incl an Edge Guide) & Edging Trim Kit

Price:     209.44 USD
CRB7 MHLF Mortise, Hinge, Lock and Flute
Price:     $69.95 USD  
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  • Work mortise length with uninterrupted on-board "Sight lines"
  • Cut centred and off centred mortises.
  • Cut hinge and lock rebates.
  • Repeat cut sets of flutes.
  • Edge molding
  • Parallel to edge groove or channelling.
  • Quick to fit and easy to set up.
  • Creates genuine stability when routing into an edge.
  • Twin micro adjustable quick lock jaws.
  • Highly adjustable range of stock widths from 1/2" > 7" wide.
  • Mounting points and Fixings inc for auxiliary cheeks.
  • Machined in anodized aluminium and highly durable Nylon.
  • Centered and Off set Mortising:
  • There are many ways to cut a mortise - from traditionally chopping out by hand with a mortise chisel to industrial floor standing hollow chisel machines and the list of advantages and disadvantages to each method is as long; be it too time consuming by hand or too expensive and space consuming with a single function machine.
    There are a number of jigs utilising "the world's most versatile power tool - The Router"
    The base unit CRB7 includes a pair of mortise pins. However M.POWER pride ourselves on listening to our customers and in the endless search of "continual improvement" can now offer The MHL a truly stable accurate method of cutting a huge variety of different sizes of mortise.

  • Cutting in Hinges:
  • It's impossible to consistently cut accurate hinge recesses without stability, Which is the main downfall of marching hinge recesses into the edge of doors. The average thickness of a door is less than 2", which only increases the issue of a small surface contact area between the base of the router or any power tool and the worksurface. The MHL jaws fitted further with Auxiliary cheeks overcome this issue by shifting and increasing the surface contact areas onto the sides of the workpiece. The MHL assures stability allowing quick , repeatable hinge recesses.
  • Fitting Locks:
  • Again the main issue with cutting out a rebate for a lock in a door is that of stability. One way to improve the situation is to fit a temporary platform onto the door edge, which the router can then run on. However these jigs or platforms only have this one function, are expensive and take up valuable room especially when working "on-site". The MHL doesn't need to run on any platform rather gaining stability through for want of a better description two large adjustable edge guides.
  • Fluting a board:
  • Sets of decorative fluting can be the perfect finish to a piece of furniture or larger woodworking projects, such as Newel posts on a set of stairs. The MHLs micro adjust jaw settings combined with the same Micro adjustment on the CRB for the router cutter. Provides the perfect set up to machine sets of precise decorative mouldings with real accuracy, quickly and with a maximum board width of 7" allowing every conceivable task to be undertaken.
  • Dado-ing/trenching in:
  • Traditionally a routers edge guide or side fence is a stand alone, single function jig assembly that fits via a pair of rods to the router. It has a very limited range for dado-ing/trenching in from the board edge.
    The CRB7 MHL edge guide is breathtakingly simple to fit and has a much greater depth range to penetrate in from the edge of the board up to 7.1/2" (0 > 190mm).
    The new edge guide also benefits from the accuracy of the CRB7's micro adjuster which controls the distance between cutter and the edge of the board.

  • Moulding:
  • Either copying an existing architectural molding on a kick board/skirting board or putting the finishing touches to a piece of furniture.
    Edge molding is an essential task in most woodworking projects in everything but rough stud work, framing and perhaps woodturning.
    The CRB7 fitted with an Edge guide is one of the simplest set ups with which to perform a quick and easily repeatable edge mold. The CRB's Micro Adjuster precisely controls how much of the cutter is presented to the board edge to be molded and with the auxillory cheeks fitted the cutter is couched into the edge guide to create a seamless support either side of the cutter. Keeping the routing pass smooth and reducing the chance of burn marks and deviations in the molding.
  • Quick fit:
  • The MHL has just 4 screws to fit it to the CRB baseplate; so it's seriously fast and simple to set up in 3 different positions according to the width of stock that's being worked.
  • Core Stability:
  • The main issue with routing into the edge of a board from above is that the router foot print is much greater in surface area than the surface area of the material being machined. However MHL's unique design creates a stable platform through increasing the surface contact area between router and stock. This is achieved by a sizeable jaw of 270 x 20mm either side of the workpiece that securely holds the Router CRB assembly onto the work piece. Even narrow sections of stock can be mortised easily especially when auxiliary cheeks are fitted to the jaws (Fixings included) they add a further contact surface area increase of 2 x 12 x 1.1/2" (300 x 35mm) maximising and further stabilizing the relationship between router and workpiece.
  • Heavy Duty Jaws:
  • The 2 Jaws are injection moulded in solid highly durable low co-efficient Nylon.
    Then to ensure a truly flat surface to run up against the work piece. Both Jaws are machined flat on a milling machine at our factory in the UK.
    That guarantees consistent jaw to work piece surface contact. Threaded inserts are fitted to the jaws so that auxiliary cheeks can be fitted to further enhance stability when working with very narrow stock.

  • Micro Adjustment:
  • Having established and we like to think perfected micro adjustment of cutter position. We've repeated the same design and included it with the positioning on the MHL Jaws. However on the MHL we centralized the adjuster between a pair of rods, pinch bolts and collars so that when positioned can be locked; ensuring that the jaws remain parallel to each other at all times.
  • Sight Line:
  • During a router cutting pass considerable amounts of dust and debris are created. Making it difficult to accurately see the position of a cutter spinning at high speeds . All this is hidden at the center of the most crowded part of the router. So gauging when to consistently end the cutting pass is difficult. The design of the MHL offers an alternative "Sight Line" solution; recessed indicators are positioned on the tips of both jaws and allow an uninterrupted view that allow greater control and accuracy of the mortise length.
  • Massive Range:
  • It's no news that the router is the most versatile power tool available especially allied with the CRB 7. However what may not be fully apprciated is that extraordinary levels of accuracy can be achieved comparable with accuracy levels attained by serious floor mounted machines. Comparing The CRB7 MHL to floor mounted machinery seams foolish.
    However we can't think of many if any mortising jigs or mortising machines with the adjustability that can cope with the huge varity of stock width that the MHL can. Starting from effectively a zero width (not very useful) up to a maximum of 7" (178mm) - the MHL can cope with any stock width in between.

  • Mighty Small:
  • If workshop space is limited or there's a need to work "On site", The MHL like its base unit The CRB7 is light and easy to carry or store. Small in size, large in heart. The MHL can create extraordinarily crisp precise repeatable mortises and rebates easily and quickly.
  • 3 Year Guarantee:
  • We are so confident of the build quality of our new MHL accessory. That each jig is backed by a "no fuss" 3 year extended guarantee.
    Hints and Tips:
  • Narrow stock: Although the MHL greatly increases the stability and accuracy when routing into the edge of stock. Narrow stock in particular working on door edges can be further improved by making and fitting a pair of auxiliary cheeks. This further stabilizes the CRB MHL set up giving better control and consistency.

  • Large Mortises: If the mortise is large i.e requiring multiple cutting passes to cut the full width of the mortise. Try setting your first pass off centered so that if you cut from left to right down the workpiece, the second pass can be taken without adjustment by rotating the CRB MHLset up 180 degrees and running the next pass right to left. Effectively doubling the number of passing strokes without adjustment.

  • Machining on Multiple components and/or sides: It sounds obvious but whenever multiple components require the same sets of mortises or sets of decorative flutes. Carry out all the routing passes with the same set up (same cutter position in relation to the same jaw positions) All in one go ‐ This reduces time taken and further improves accuracy.
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