"The best sharpening device around!"
Mark Gibson - Colchester, UK.
"I get my edge back quick and easy with the PSS1"
Capelton Brown, Master Carpenter - Jamaica
"A great combination of speed and convenience!"
American Woodworker
"Quick sharpening method and very accurate with
M-Power system"
Virgil P
"Simple but so effective"
Danielle Morehouse - UK
"Best sharpening system I ever owned"
Richard Russon - NY, USA
"46 years as a chippy, the best tool I have ever brought"
Keith Appleyard - Southend On Sea UK
"Best product I have ever used"
Ronald Collins - UK

DC FASTTRACK Sharpening System

Includes 2 x Diamond Cross Stones, preparation 220 grit and finishing 450 grit
 DC FASTRACK Sharpening System
+ FREE De-Burring Plate
+ FREE Storage Case
 Special Price: $79.99 USD
 DC FASTTRACK Sharpener + all 5
 Diamond Cross Stones, DeBurr Plate
 & Canvas Storage Case

+ FREE De-Burring Plate
+ FREE Storage Case
 Special Price: $118.99 USD
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  •   No set up time.
  •   Safe - Simple - Quick to use.
  •   Unique lateral sharpening action ensures a razor sharp edge
      with a flat ground finish.
  •   The blade remains stationary when sharpening - so it's very
  •   Sharpens square edge chisels and plane irons from
      1/8th" (3mm) to 2 1/2" (64mm).
  •   Change the grade of Diamond Cross stone instantly via
      magnetic lock.
      (5 Diamond Cross stone grades available)
  •   Change the sharpening angle from 25° primary to
      30° secondary in seconds.
  •   Built to last - Machined in solid aluminum and finished in a
      hard wearing anodize.
  •   Sharpening system carriage runs on Nylon 66 slip rails for a
      smooth action.

So what’s the problem? Traditionally chisels and plane blades are sharpened using a combination of either an oilstone, waterstone or diamond stone with a jig that holds the tool to be sharpened at the correct honing angle, many sharpening systems require a second jig to accurately set the angle of the first jig. This represents a sufficient deterrent to prevent workshop based woodworkers taking 20 minutes out of their project time to get any kind of edge let alone a decent one on their chisels; and what of the professional “On site” carpenter, do they really have the space or inclination to carry that kind of sharpening system with them? A system that the average home renovator would struggle to even set up in the first place?

The simple sharpening solution: The FASTTRACK Precision Sharpening System is a unique solution that holds the blade to be sharpened stationary and its angle constant while a diamond stone is guided across the cutting edge (at a 90° angle to the tool’s normal cutting direction) at either 25° or 30°, depending on your application, making the bevel flat and the edge true, lasting, and requiring only minimal maintenance unless chipped or neglected. We’ve included Preparation and Finishing Diamond stones so you can start low to gain that super fine edge that makes a cutting tool a pleasure to use. The instructions provided will have you putting a razor edge on your chisels and plane irons within a few minutes of opening the package.

Easy to use: Usage is simple! Insert the coarsest stone into the carriage of the FASTTRACK, place the tool to be sharpened in the bed and steadied against the fence, and glide the carriage along the dovetailed track back and forth until a bright line appears across the entire width of the cutting edge. Move up to the next grit and repeat, again.

Built to last: This is a tough, solid aluminum tool, that’s remarkably compact, ideal for including in any professional or enthusiasts tool bag in the shop or on the road. Get used to working with seriously sharp chisels and planes. Not only is it safer, the results achieved will be noticeably crisper, smoother!

M.POWER "Diamond Cross" Stones: We have developed an exclusive range of different grades of diamond stone for use with the FASTTRACK Sharpening System. From the "Extra Coarse" 100 grit stone for fast removal of material to the "Fine Finishing" 1000 grit for that supreme finish. No other handheld system uses such a wide variety of diamond grades for rapid removal of material to fine edge honing.

  Extra Coarse (100Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  Preparation (220Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  Finishing (450Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  Fine Finishing (600Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  Super Fine (1000Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  De-Burring Plate (1000Grit)
Price:       $13.00 USD
  Fasttrack Storage Case
Price:       $13.00 USD
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Buy in confidence direct from the manufacturer.
Shipped from Michigan, USA.
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Diamond Cross Stone Pattern
Relief Pattern
Fixed Angles
Fixed Angles
PSS1 Sharpen Plane Blades
Sharpen 2 ½” Plane
PSS1 Sharpen Small Chisel
Sharpen 1/8” Chisel
PSS1 Diamond Cross 2 Stones Included
2 Stones Included
PSS1 Diamond Cross Accessory 100Grit
Accessory 100Grit
PSS1 Diamond Cross Accessory 600Grit
Accessory 600Grit
PSS1 Diamond Cross Accessory 1000Grit
Accessory 1000Grit
PSS1 Diamond Cross De-Burring Plate
De-Burring Plate
PSS1 Diamond Cross sideview
FTS Side View