M.POWER Management Team

Phil Lawes - Managing Director

Phil initially joined M.POWER’s management team back in 2000.
His background in accounting and management systems has been invaluable in streamlining M.POWER’s sales, production and shipping processes.
Phil was promoted to Managing Director in February 2006.
He then undertook the successful opening of our US Distribution hub in Chardon, Ohio and the subsequent expansion with our North American Sales office based in Alexandria, Ontario.
Phil is now responsible for directing and motivating a growing team dedicated to bringing you a range of innovative quality woodworking tools – worldwide.

Phil Lawes

Cynthia Lavigne � Sales Manager

In 2009 M.POWER was lucky enough to secure the services of Cynthia Lavigne as Global Sales Manager.
Cynthia instantly became the ever efficient, very friendly face and voice of M.POWER’S sales team.
In this short time Cynthia has increased our distribution network to include agents in Australia, Ireland, Finland, France, Canada and with new customers in the US on a regular basis. She is a breath of fresh air, so if you’re thinking of becoming a distributor of our products feel free to contact Cynthia by email: cynthia@m-powertools.com

Cynthia Lavigne

Helen Allison - Head of Stock Control and Quality Assurance

Helen now manages the ever growing inventory of raw materials, components and finished M.POWER products. Helen also oversees and maintains quality assurance levels.
Quality is as important to us as it is to our customers. Helen ensures our products are manufactured to the very highest standards - quality performance, quality finish.

Helen Alison

Dee Hodson - Accounts controller

Dee's our latest recruit and brings with her a vast experience in all types of administration, that's been a great asset in the ever increasing drive to smooth the flow of information throughout our offices. Dee also handles general enquiries on the phone.


Maxine Restorick - Production controller

Before working with M.POWER Max spent her career in the aviation industry where an attention to detail was literally critical. Her efficient eye for the detailed production process is a real benefit.
Max oversees the production line and contributes largely to the positive atmosphere on the factory floor.


Mike Spencer - Production Engineer

Mike comes from a background of aerospace engineering and has spent a lifetime with hands-on experience in testing, evaluation and development programmes for commercial and military projects. Mike works as a consultant for M.POWER tools, streamlining our production processes and is heavily involved in the development of new products.

Mike Spencer

Rob Morgan - Communications Director

Rob is behind the scenes maintaining our online presence. He comes from an IT background, and currently works in the publishing industry. In his spare time he helps people with their IT problems.

Rob Morgan

Toby Cardew - Founder

Toby founded M.POWER Tools in 1994 with a desire to bring new and innovative tools to the market. Formally trained in furniture and cabinet making and an experienced craftsman Toby brings a unique brand of invention and originality to M.POWER's design and development team.
Toby moved to Ontario in March 2006 where he launched M.POWER's North American Sales Office to expand the dealership network through out the US and Canada.
In 2009 he handed the daily running of the Sales Office over to Cynthia Lavigne.
Toby has since returned to his product development roots working on new M.Power tools as well as reviewing and fine tuning existing products.

Toby Cardew