Cool Tools

M.POWER's Tools feature on DIY Network's Cool Tools TV show:-

Some of our most innovative hand tools have featured on
DIY Network's Cool Tools. The Combination 3D Square,
PSS1 Sharpening System, Perfect Butt Profile Scriber and
Flat Lying Trammel Set have all been put through their
paces on the big screen.

Click on the video icons below to see what the Cool Tools experts had to say. (available US only)

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"This ain't your father's carpenter square, this puppy's got depth" Chris Gundy - Cool Tools
"It's the first 3D square on the market. All you've got to do is position it twice & you're marking all 4 sides of the piece of wood" Chris Gundy - Cool Tools
"No other square that I know of does that so it makes my job a lot simpler" Keenan Tomkins Contractor
"I mean it's just a couple of slides & it's real sharp" Chris Gundy Cool Tools
"The PSS by M.POWER keeps your tools looking sharp" Chris Gundy Cool Tools
"Whatever size your thinking, the M.POWER Tools trammel set will help you get it perfect. It's a compass for woodworkers" Chris Gundy Cool Tools
"Precision is key, so you need something that you can rely on this is actually one of the handier tools around" Rob McGowan Woodworker
DIY Network's Cool Tools featured our Combination 3D Try
Square and Marking Gauge.
C3D Tri Square.
DIY Network's Cool Tools featured our PSS1 (Precision Sharpening System)
PSS1 Sharpener.
DIY Network's Cool Tools featured our Flat Lying Trammel Set
Flat Lying Trammel.
DIY Network's Cool Tools featured our Perfect Butt Profile Scriber
Perfect Butt Scriber.