"I'm delighted - It certainly makes life a lot easier"
Dr JB Thomson - UK.
"It's a great layout tool... really versatile"
Luke Bryan, New World Timber Framing Co, ON Canada
"I can't live without my C3D, its awesome!"
Jared Schmidt, On-site Contractor, Melbournce, Australia
"A good piece of kit"
Mr J Flint of Bespoke Kitchen, UK - 5 STAR
"Very neat enhancements of a traditional tool"
Mr M Lee, UK - 5 STAR
"This is a great measuring and marking tool... I love it!"
Terry Lovell, Prescott, AZ USA - 5 STAR
"I love the thing... I use it a lot."
Bill Huber, Fort Worth, TX USA
"one of the most useful tools I've ever come across!!!"
Bob Duncan, editor Woodcarving Illustrated

Combination-3D try square & marking gauge

The professional woodworkers try square: The combination-3D try square & marking gauge is specifically designed for the professional woodworker. It’s a precision hybrid combining multi function and its manufactured to engineer square tolerance. This sets the Combination-3D apart from traditional combination squares where accuracy has been compromised either through the need for multi function or worse still through economy. The Combination-3D squares major functions are as a 9” bladed try square, 9” x 2” saddle square, deep range measured marking gauge and bevel gauge. Uncompromised accuracy and genuine functionality allows the C3D to save space and weight in the tool kit and a great deal of time on the job at hand.

The combination-3D square, a true hybrid combining various marking tools with no compromise to accuracy. A try square, marking gauge, saddle square and bevel gauge manufactured to engineer square accuracy.
  •   Mark width and thickness simultaneously.
  •   Accurately measure width and thickness of materials.
  •   Mark over molded sections.
  •   Deep range measured marking gauge.
  •   Integral, lockable bevel gauge with preset angle markings
  •   Square factory set to 1/100 1˚.
  •   Main blade includes reset feature.
  •   Hard wearing powder coated cast aluminum stock.
  •   Laser etched Imperial and Metric indexing.

Laser etched try square: The 9" Sheffield steel main blade is laser etched with Imperial and Metric markings. These markings are zeroed at the stock to allow instant and accurate measurements to be taken. This enables you to accurately measure width and thickness of materials or to strike a measured right angle line in from the edge of your work piece. With the bevel blade locked out and the winged stock up against your work piece the Combination-3D will sit in position 'hands free' offering unique balance and ease of use.

9" deep range marking gauge: Unlike the instability of a regular marking gauge the Combination3D's wing section offers massive surface to edge contact area. Your parallel strike can thus be one handed and accurate. The scribe-head and therefore the depth of your strike can also be set to the main blades markings.

9" x 2" saddle square: Width and thickness can be struck simultaneously and the 4 x shoulders on a tenon can be marked by moving the square just once. Better than a saddle square it allows you to mark over larger deep molded sections, to strike accurate lines to cut too.

Laser etched bevel gauge: Located in the stock is a fully retractable locking bevel gauge.
The swing blade is laser etched with pre-set angles that can be set, locked and read from either the squares inside surface or the stock butt. The bevel has a two part locking mechanism to prevent the bevel blade moving when locked in position.

Engineer square accuracy: The Sheffield sprung steel 9 " - 225mm main blade is factory set to within 1/100 of 1 over its length and perfectly aligned to the milled edge 2" - 50mm wing section. So its engineer square accurate in both planes.

Main blade reset feature: On-site is a tough place for precision tools to survive. Regular try squares are set at the point of manufacture. If dropped and knocked out of alignment there's no way of regaining their accuracy. The combination-3D try square is secured by a screwed mortise and tenon. So the main blade can be reset or if a blade is damaged the square can be fully stripped down and the component replaced.

Combination-3D construction: The two part stock is cast in aluminum, powder coated, milled and linished. To secure the main blade the two halves of the stock are mortise and tenoned then drilled and tapped. This creates a huge clamping force that holds the main blade in position.

The Combination-3D utilising its saddle square function to mark width and thickness simultaneously.
9 x 2" saddle square.
The Combination-3D square's marking gauge feature allows you to mark deep into the board with precision and accuracy.
9" marking gauge.
The Combination-3D's saddle square function enables you to bridge and mark over molded edges.
Mark over molds.
The Combination-3D squares integral bevel gauge is laser etched and allows you to mark and transfer your angles.
Lockable bevel.
Simply align the machined edge of the Scribe head to marking on the Combination-3D squares main blade to accurately mark out.
Scribe to markings.