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At M.POWER, we identify problems and provide solutions. M.POWER hand tools solve specific problems we as woodworkers and carpenters encounter in the course of an average day, improving on existing methods and approaches through innovative design. We design and manufacture hand tools that make our work (and hence, your work and your life!) easier, quicker and more accurate.

Each one of our tools has been meticulously developed and extensively tested in both shop and field to ensure optimum performance and quality. The standard of engineering elegance by which other tools may be judged, our hand tools have the minimum number of components and maximum number of useful functions.

M.POWER woodworking hand tools
Reviews C-3D Try Square

C-3D Try Square - Engineer Square Spec, Marking Gauge, Bevel Gauge and 3-Dimensional Marking

Did you ever wish that you could pick up just one tool the vast majority of the time you needed to measure, mark, or check an angle or fit? Our C-3D Try Square is just such a tool. As you use this unique, high-precision tool, which combines the functions of the traditional try-square, bevel gauge, marking gauge and combination-marking tool, to mark four sides of a component with only one repositioning of the tool, you’ll save time and effort and ensure a higher degree of accuracy than with any other method or tool we know. Also, thanks to the C-3D’s three-dimensional (3D) profile, you can mark many workpieces with pre-moulded edges as fast, easy, and accurate as marking a piece with straight edges and square corners. Add the M.POWER Tri-Blade and the C-3D Try Square becomes a very accurate and efficient cutting gauge! For more information on this product click here

combination 3d try-square marking gauge
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Reviews Sharpening System

DMT - M.POWER PSS1 - Precision Sharpening System

We proudly introduce M.POWER's newest achievement, the M.POWER Precision Sharpening System (PSS1)! With this tough, extruded aluminium jig and included diamond abrasive stones, you can bring all but the most severely abused or broken plane irons and chisels back into service and keep them there, literally razor sharp! For more information on this product click here

m3 square - tri square, marking gauge and bevel gauge
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Reviews trammel set

Flat Lying Trammel Head Set Trammel Compasses, Marking Gauge, Mortise Gauge, Panel Gauge and Cutting Gauge

Already have a favorite try-square or flat rule that you just can’t put away but wish you could kick it up a notch? Let’s face it, if it’s a try-square, in most cases you really should be upgrading to the M3, but if you can’t, just add a Flat Lying Trammel Set and tell your friends it’s “dialed in and tricked out!” The Flat Lying Trammel Set provides more accuracy and ease of use than the standard woodworking tools they replace: the trammel bar compass, mortise gauge, marking gauge and cutting gauge. These versatile tools use a simple pinch bolt lock to hold a scribe point, pencil or cutting blade to a try-square, ruler, or any other flat-bladed reference device with pin-point accuracy. Because the scribe unit lies flush to the surface with its chamfered base plate, there is no need to continuously support blade (as you would with a trammel rule) when striking an arc or circle, because the flat-lying stability removes natural tendency of the blade to distort and foul your line. You can strike large arcs in two movements because the Flat Lying Trammel Set simply will not move from their pivot point. For more information on this product click here

tri scribes - marking gauge, trammel compass, motise gauge
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Reviews Tri Blades

Tri Blade - Cutting Gauge Attachment

Prefer cutting along a line made by a marking knife to one made of pencil or ink? It has its advantages, not the least of which can be limiting tear-out and rough edges. Our Tri-Blade unit is an accessory for the M.POWER Tri-Scribes and M3 Square that allows you to use the scribe unit as a cutting gauge and cutting compass for marking out, mortises, circles and arcs. The blade holder uses common disposable craft knife blades, so keeping it razor-sharp and accurate is as fast and easy (are you feeling a recurring theme here?) as turning a set screw to lock it in place. (We love fast, easy, and accurate!) For more information on this product click here

tri blade - cutting gauge and marking out tool
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Reviews Point 2 Point

Point 2 Point - Layout Division Tool

The Point-2-Point layout-measuring tool has a multi-point divider enabling you to divide a board, or the line between two points, into up to seven equal-spaced pitches ready for positioning dowel holes, biscuits, screw holes or whatever you desire. Customers also report that the Point 2 Point divider is also ideal for spacing buttons on clothing, spacing pleats on curtains and even dividing cakes for catering. For more information on this product click here

point2point layout measuring dividing tool equidistant biscuiting dowelling
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Reviews Profile Scriber

"Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber - Giving you a perfect butt joint - every time

If you have ever tried butting a workpiece into an uneven area or offset-tracing the contours of a bending form using either calipers or a block and pencil, then you will be aware how tricky and hit and miss this can be. The M.POWER "Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber is designed to allow flush butting of worktops, kitchen tops, shelves, flooring and other workpieces into uneven and irregular surfaces, and works wonders for offsetting contours in creating templates and forms for bent-wood lamination. With Perfect Butt, profile copying is as straight forward and simple as drawing a line, and in many cases tracing transfer is eliminated because you copy the profile directly onto the workpiece. The end result for your workpiece will be a perfect butt once cut and fitted. Does life get any better? Well, maybe; we'll let you know if we see it (probably by announcing a new product). For more information on this product click here

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Reviews R1 Tape Measure

R1 Right-Handed Tape Measure

Are you one of the lucky few who are ambidextrous? None of us are, and we’ve noticed that a standard tape measure has left-handed rule markings that make right-handed woodworkers mark awkwardly with the left hand or read the measure inverted. Frankly, it’s strange, it’s always been this way, and we’re tired of it, so we have created the R1, the only tape measure for right-handed woodworkers and craftsmen, and we’re sure you’ll agree when you use it. Its markings are oriented for right-handed users to pull the tape with their left hand and mark with their right, providing the same efficiency and comfort of movement that left-handers have enjoyed for many years. For more information on this product click here

The R1 Right-Handed Tape Measure - for the 90% of users who are not left-handed
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