"Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber

The M.POWER "Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber is a simple and elegant solution to the age-old problem of accurate profile copying and offsetting. Curved or straight, it gives you a perfect profile, and a perfect butt joint, every time. Now with 5 different wheel sizes our profile scriber can cope almost every conceivable profiling situation. It's also the fastest accurate profile scriber in the world, completing traditional scribing chores with precision, speed and ease.

  Perfect Butt Profile Scriber
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    Tool Features:
  • Scribe fit kitchen counter tops, shelving, work surface, tiled - laminate - lino and cushioned flooring easily with no gaps
  • Great for proportioning details during design layout, giving 5 different scaled up off-sets
  • Perfect for production cut out templates
  • Scribe parallel lines around any form, ellipse, round or geometric shape
  • Ideal for bent wood lamination forms
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Profile single surfaces
  • Profile complex areas
  • 5 different wheel sizes to cover a huge number of different situations
  • Hub axis scribe point ensures a parallel line to the target profile
  • Remains stable whilst scribing - reducing the chance of errors
  • Consistent scribe contact with your work piece with the sprung pencil
  • Quality assured with a solid brass counter bored retaining shaft

Irregular Profile Matching for InstallationsThe most obvious application of the Perfect Butt is profile-matching for a snug fit during an installation. How often have you tried installing a countertop, flooring, shelving, or any other material that had to be matched to an existing surface, like a wall and then found it to be convex, concave, rippled, or otherwise irregular and unsquare.
Trying to copy that profile with a compass or a pencil and a wooden block onto an expensive workpeice is a risky business! It's just not accurate enough at best it can take hours of fine tuning after the initial marking and cutting, because it's just too hard to follow a shape having to manually and continually adjust the angle of the compass or block to keep it perpendicular to (and hence, the distance from) the reference surface, and as you may have seen, mistakes can be a costly affair to say the least! It takes a lot of skill and luck to even get close, and as far we're concerned, "luck" should not be a factor in a job well done. The Perfect Butt marks an equidistant line for you automatically with its rigid offset disks and floating pencil for as long as you keep the guide disk in contact with the reference surface, even when marking onto a textured surface, you can accurately cut what you mark, your first attempt will be the last one required. and when dealing with expensive counter tops it's best to do it right the first and only time.

The "Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber Set Set So what do you get? Plenty is the answer.
The Perfect Butt now has 4 interchangeable tracing wheels that attach to the shaft assembly and a brand new small wheel 11/16th 5th wheel. for smaller tighter profile copying. So where is it you ask? Well it's closer than you think - Simply unscrew the shafts retaining cap drop the spring and pencil out reverse the pencil direction and their positions and the pencil point is now centered through a precision drilled hole through the 11/16th diameter retaining cap .

These wheels permit the Profile Scriber to deal with a wide range of situations giving the user options to provide the best solution. The small wheel lets you get into tight and narrow situations, whereas the largest wheel will allow you to profile the widest possible gap where the surfaces has large deviations.

The 5 wheel diameters are the new 11/16th - 1" 1/8th - 2" - 2"3/4 - 3' 1/2 or 18mm - 29mm - 50mm - 70mm and 90mm. If you need other sizes, just cut them as needed!

The shaft assembly is solid brass and has a knurled finish for extra grip and control. It houses a sprung common scribing pencil, available just about anywhere pencils are sold. At the base of assembly is a freely rotating hub with O-ring seal to which the wheels are attached for tracing. This innovative, high-quality tool is designed, manufactured and quality controlled in England, and carries a lifetime guarantee.

The Profile Scriber is another absolutely unique M.POWER solution, suitable for everyone from the beginning amateur to the master professional, and we're sure you'll enjoy using it as much as we do, because like all our products, it makes woodworking easier and more accurate, which in turn makes it more affordable and fun.

Other Profiles? Sure! Not so obvious to some will be the other profiles that can be offset easily with Perfect Butt; one of our customers (yes, it's Doc Jackson again!) gave us this tip. Have you ever tried bent-wood lamination? If so, you know that it's not as easy as it looks, because making the forms is not a simple matter of making a big square block and slicing a curve with a bandsaw. You have to make allowance for the thickness of the material being bent, which means offsetting the first surface, be it a simple, complex, or geometric curve, which in turn is vulnerable to all the same problems as following a wall to match a countertop. With Perfect Butt, offsetting any surface suitable for bent-wood lamination is a matter of following the surface with a disk, marking directly onto your form material, and then making a second cut with your band saw and fairing the curve. Doc says that he makes his own disks when needed for an odd size by cutting a disk from ½ MDF or hardwood with a holesaw and drilling a hole 0.925" diameter in the center, which he says is easy because the pilot hole for the holesaw accurately centers the hole for the Perfect Butt main component. He says Perfect Butt also works great for making progressively larger pattern templates. How many ways can you find to make your life easier with Perfect Butt? You won't know until you try!

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