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Backing Off is so easy with the PSS1 Diamond De-Burring Plate. Using the PSS is one of the fastest ways to touch up or regain an edge on a plane blade or chisel. The speed and ease has been further improved with a neat addition to the PSS accessory range. Simply fit the new 1000 Grit Diamond De-Burring Plate into the blade receiving recess in the PSS base and it removes the Wire or Burr from the back of the blade in no time. The Oil resistant 3M self adhesive backing ensures that when it’s fitted it’s down for good.

DMT Diamond Stone Sharpening System - PSS1
  PSS1 Diamond DeBurringPlate
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  • Regardless of what system a woodworker chooses to sharpen or re-touch the edge of a blade with. A result of the process is going to be raising a burr or wire on the back or flat of the chisel. The successful removal or “Backing Off” of the wire is an important part of the sharpening process. The burr is actually the abraded tip or old edge of the chisel that’s being removed. When sharpening on the PSS the burr removal was carried out by hand; wiping the flat of the blade on one of the PSS diamond stones. However this can now be achieved much more quickly by fitting the PSS accessory “De-Burring plate” After sharpening simply sliding the blade back away from the carriage and across the De-Burring plate and the wire/burr is wiped clean from the blade.

  • Fitting the De-Burring plate has an added bonus; due to the naturally abrasive surface of the diamond plate. Holding any chisel or plane blade during the sharpening process becomes easier as the diamond plated surface tends to grip and hold the blade in position better.
    Tool Features:
  • The graded 1000 grit / 9 Micron diamond is embedded in a nickel plating on steel substrate.
  • The plate is fixed to the blade receiving recess with 3M’s oil resistant self adhesive backing.
  • Simply ensure the tool recess is clean, peel off the backing and position.
    Operating Tip
  • In order to gain and sustain an edge on any blade; the flat or back of the chisel needs to be flat.
    Often, due to the manufacturing process, the back of the chisel or plane blade can have a slight hollow directly behind the blade bevel. Prior to sharpening, check to ensure the back is flat. So keeping the back of the chisel flat on the de-burring plate and using a simple figure of 8 action Gently move the blade back over the plate. At the very least you want to achieve a continuous flatting mark across the width directly behind the chisel tip. If you have difficulty seeing the flatting mark. use a wide tipped felt marker. Flat again and that will give an instant indicator of progress.
    However if the blade back shows considerable signs of distortion. Flatting the back on a larger traditional oil-stone or larger diamond plate will accelerate the process.
For chisels & planes.
9 Mic diamond plate.
For chisels & planes.
Backing off a chisel.
Sharpen 1/8" chisel.
Easy to fit.