Tri Blade Cutting Gauge Post

A close-up view of the Tri Blade cutting gauge post. The post is fitted in the neck of the Tri Scribe marking gauge unit converting its role to that of a precision cutting gauge.

Here we see the blade section which consists of two standard disposable craft knife segments. It is easily removed by loosening the locking hex-screw (on the right-side of the post here) and can be replaced with additional blade segments that are provided with the kit.

Also shown here in the middle of the post is the locating recess into which the brass pinch bolt on the Tri Scribe's neck assembly fastens. This arrangement ensures the Tri Blade is positioned with optimum height and angle alignment. With the blade post depth and alignment set the Tri Blade avoids 'tear-out' and judder, providing precise high tolerance cutting for woodworking marking out and veneer preparation.