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Ever wanted to rout a workpiece without having clamps in the way? How much faster and easier would it be not to have to reset and re-clamp when routing, belt sanding, planing, biscuiting or templating? The U-Mach-Kit is a self-build Mini Mach vacuum clamping work bed that allows you work clamp-free.

Clamp-Free Routing

This portable vacuum bed will run off a standard workshop or domestic vacuum cleaner and will hold a piece securely for machining in seconds - the time it takes to turn a lever. Once it is on the bed, vacuum hold down cells clamp a component firmly in place ready for work.

The U-Mach Kit is also suited for building custom design & bespoke vacuum holding and clamping systems for specific workshop applications or site work.

  U-MACH Vacuum Clamp Kit
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Components of the Vacuum Bed Kit

The U-Mach kit comprises of a vacuum control tap assembly with tapered hose adapter, twelve pressure activated ball valves, 4.6 metres of top gasket material, 2.3 metres of bottom gasket material, a 1/1-scale cutting guide template, U-Mach construction guide and a Mini Mach instruction manual. You will require some suitable material (25mm x MDF, fiberboard, marine multi ply) for the platen and a basic woodworking tool kit to help you build either a Mini Mach or a custom vacuum jig work bed. You will also need a vacuuM.POWER source (minimum 500 watt vacuum cleaner/shop extractor or industrial vacuum pump with a minimum rating of 6 cubic metres per hour)

Custom Vacuum Jigs and Work Beds

The U-Mach-Kit is highly adaptable and can be modified easily to suit your needs. Although we provide detailed instructions and design templates for the construction of a Mini Mach portable vacuum bed this is in no way proscriptive and you should feel free to modify till your heart's content. If you need additional components such as gasket material or ball valves we provide modular expansion packs so that almost any vacuum jig or bed you require can be built.

Why Use The U-Mach Vacuum Hold Down System

Speed: reduction of clamping times; clamping process is affected by turning a lever - this means clamping and release times of 1 second.

Obstruction Free Woodworking: all surfaces (except clamped surface) can be machined in one operation, meaning you have clear surface and edges to work on without the hindrance of clamps or cramps - allows single-pass all-edge routing, planing, batten free belt sanding, panel trimming, biscuiting and templating.

Delicate Workpieces: no damage incurred on workpieces i.e. from vice or clamps - vacuum holding provides a uniform pressure on the clamping surface of the workpiece that leaves no marking or damage - no need for tacking, gluing or taping which can also mar components.

Manual Router Templating: vacuum work beds when used with vacuum templates for routing offer woodworkers the fastest manual component replication method available. If you need to make repeat pattern components on a regular basis then a vacuum work bed should by virtue of necessity be a serious contender for your next buy. Why spend your time clamping when you could be routing!

Versatile Engineering Applications: the U-Mach can be used to vacuum grip more than just wood and fiberboard. It can clamp plastics, glass, ceramics, carbon, graphite and a range of metals for machining, abrading or polishing where lateral hold is required.

Easy Build: simple build with complete guide, approximately 4 hours construction time.

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