Customer reviews

Quality first and foremost
Reviewed by Thanelson - via Madisound
I have used the other plastic circle guide but this is the real deal very well engineered and well thought out. if you build speakers or do any amount of wood work this should be in your tool selection before you buy more bits fast accurate and worth the investment.

First Impression
Reviewed by Olesya
Good item, good quality, start to test it.

One nice thing...
Reviewed by King Waters - Via Hartville Tools
This jig takes a little getting used to [what doesn't?], but it works. I suggest you take a little care with it. My son used it as a circle cutter and succeeded on his first try. One nice thing is that it gives you a way to see exactly where your adjustments take the bit, before a cut is ever made. The base is plastic, as is the edge-guide. So don't toss it around. It is from a British company, and they have thought out various operations. Videos are available on their website, and on YouTube. Buy it on sale, or with credit card/Amazon points, and you will be getting a useful piece of equipment. I also have a Micro Fence, which is more expensive, but more robust. I use whichever makes the job easy and efficient.

I like it!
Reviewed by Greg Hines - Middle Tenesee
I have had this for a couple of years, and while I do not do as much woodworking as I used to, it is particularly versatile when you need to use a router for many common hand held procedures. I have used it for edge banding, dados and grooves, and a couple of circle cuts over the years. My only complaint is not really with the base, but with the Porter-Cable 690 router that I use with it. I use a plunge base, and it is very handy. However, the PC690 uses regular Phillips head screws to lock the router to the guide rails, and nobody sells thumbscrews in the 12-24 pitch that you need to replace them. Nobody, that is, except for Who will be happy to sell you between 800 and 4000 of them. Why that would be is a very good question.

Reviewed by Stephen K via Rockler
Adds a lot of functionality to my small DeWalt Router.

Great Circle Jig
Reviewed by John Frum
I love this tool. I use a digital micrometer to set the diamter and knock out perfect circles. It's as accurate as you can measure. You are not locked into 1/16th of an inch increments. Oh and it does a bunch of other stuff I have not tried yet.

First Day
Reviewed by Fahaka
I used the M.POWER CRB7 for the first time today for a dual 6 ½”woofer, soft dome tweeter build. I was using my Dewalt DW618PK. I wasn’t able to use the handle that comes with the CRB7 for most of my cuts because of the Dewalt handles interfering. I ended up making a small adapter to keep my cuts accurate. The posts that mount to the plunger section of my Dewalt are smaller in diameter and caused play in router to CRB7 mounting. It would be a lot nicer if there were sleeves to make it a tight fit. My adapter did not work for all cut diameters I needed. The CRB7 is a lot nicer and easier to use then a similar kit that I bought from sears.

Top notch engineering
Reviewed by Ranedoggy
I haven't had a chance to use every feature this is has. There are so many ways to use this simple yet elegant piece of equipment, it will be some time before all are tried out. Fit and finish are great and the functions I have tried were easy to set up and came out perfectly. I do high-end fine woodworking as well as speaker building, and this tool accessory is a jewel for the price of a rock! I recommend the edging kit if you work with plywood part #365-652 See review.

You spin me round - Bang On
Reviewed by Slapshot
This is not like the photo and I don't care. Easy set up, not getting why some cannot centre their routers, my porter cable, dewalt, and ryobi Were a breeze. I love that you can "creep up" on your cut diameters, and make ANY small adjustments necessary. Well worth the price difference for a circle jig. Buy this, it'll destress Your circle cutting. Easy set up, easy to use. Real pleasure how simple this is to set up and adjust. Versatile, fast, steady for round and straight cuts. Don't understand concerns regarding smaller rods than before: they still tighten in all 3 routers I own, and if you push your cuts hard enough to bend them, you're probably snapping your bits. Learn to use tools! Highly recommended product.

Reviewed by Jeroen
De CBR7 is de perfecte oplossing voor cirkels. Zowel voor kleine cirkels in luidsprekers . Als voor een tafelblad. Of de kopiëer funcntie om meerdere groeven te frezen is uitmuntend. Het is de investering waard. The CBR7 is the perfect solution for circles. Both for small circles in speakers. As for a table top. Or the copy function to mill multiple grooves is excellent. It is worth the investment.

CRB7 Router Base
Reviewed by Mario
TRANSLATION: Nice addition for the Maschine cutter. Only when you use a Festool 1400, like me, the fine adjust can NOT be used as Festool is locked on two 2 axes with one button. ORIGINAL: Mooie aanvulling voor de frees maschine. Alleen wanneer je een Festool 1400 gebruikt, zoals ik, is de fine adjust NIET te gebruiken daar Festool met één knop aangedraaid wordt op de 2 assen.

CBR7 Router Jig
Reviewed by Jos
TRANSLATION: Sits well and works easily. This Baseplate functions as a guide for various operations and does so for an amount that is very reasonable. Nothing to complain about. Recommended! (I use the device with a Dewalt D26204K) ORIGINAL: Zit goed in elkaar en werkt gemakkelijk. Deze voet functioneerd als geleider voor diverse bewerkingen en doet dat voor een bedrag dat heel redelijk is. Niks op aan te merken. Aanrader! (ik gebruik het apparaat met een Dewalt D26204K)

Use of CRB7
Reviewed by Van de velde
TRANSLATION: I use a router from the brand Elu. The assembly was very easy without problems. Very user-friendly. Have applied different possibilities and yes it was fine. So, a must! ORIGINAL: Ik gebruik een Bovenfrees va het merk Elu. De montage was zeer gemakkelijk zonder problemen. Zeer gebruiksvriendelijk. Heb verschillende mogelijkheden toegepast en ja het was prima. Dus, een aanrader!

CRB7 Use
Reviewed by Luis O via Rockler
I love it, it works. I highly recommend it.

A very versatile accessory
Reviewed by Peter J via Rockler
I have had mine for several years, use it for a variety of tasks. Bought one for my son in-law who's getting into the hobby.

Must have router accessory
Reviewed by Tom O via Rockler
Must have router accessory. If you need dadoes, rabbits or grooves in large work pieces this is the tool to have. Works equally well at edge routing or while doing interior work. I've coupled mine with my clamp-on edge guide with great success.

Must have router accessory.
Reviewed by A Rashad via Rockler
If you need dadoes, rabbits or grooves in large work pieces this is the tool to have. Works equally well at edge routing or while doing interior work. I've coupled mine with my clamp-on edge guide with great success.

Reviewed by Ern via Rockler
I needed something to cut mortises on the back legs of curved dining chairs I was making and it worked fantastic,

Handy tool to have
Reviewed by Anita M via Rockler
This is easy to apply and easy to use.

M-Power CRB7 MK3 Multi-Function Router Base
Reviewed by Edward via Rockler
What a tool. I don't know of another tool, for layout and cutting in so many ways, as this one. Any width of dados from one setup ( plywood thickness) inlay work (different patterns) and circle cuttings, just to mention a few.

Great Product - It easily allows accurate workmanship
Reviewed by Eddie via Rockler
I have modified my Combination Router Base to provide more stability between the router and the base. It felt that the base was too flimsy to take some of the pressure during cuts and had concerns of the 2 screws below cracking the plate. Also found the plate was flexing away from the router base plate. Method used was a piece of wood with 2 holes for the rods to pass through freely and it is screwed upward at Read More

A well thought out and welcomed product
Reviewed by Ted via Rockler
I've been a wood worker for 25 years. I have almost exclusively used a router table and table saw when routing, because I haven't liked the stability of a router. I bought this product (along with the edging trim kit) to hopefully give me the stability I wanted and therefore, additional versatility. It did exactly that and more. Edge trimming and flush trimming are finally a breeze without the worry of "dimples". While I do most of my mortising using a standalone mortiser (go figure), there have been times when I needed to create a mortise "after the fact" on a project. This does it easily. My favorite feature is the ability to create repetitive dados knowing that the alignment is perfect. One the main keys to good working and safety is control. This product finally does that for me when using a router by hand. It will take you a few minutes to get it set up, but once I did, I have been able to leave it attached for all of my hand-held routing needs. I recommend it highly.

Mpower Combination Router Base CRB7
Reviewed by David via Rockler
I contacted the Mpower factory direct via email and they have amazing customer support. They sent me out the 12mm rods free of charge for my Dewalt Router. I am very happy with the product now and will definitely buy from them again

Quality.. this is first and foremost...
Reviewed by Guest via Rockler
Quality.. this is first and foremost I have used the other plastic circle guide but this is the real deal, very well engineered and well thought out. If you do any amount of wood work this should be in your tool selection... fast accurate and worth the investment.

Well Made - Easy Set Up
Reviewed by Mr William Cipolla Sr
Well made tool, easy to set up. I bought this to do mortices, dados and edges of my projects.

Great Product
Reviewed by Douglas Montgomery - Woodcraft
Great Product - Versatile

Reviewed by Brian Yablonski - Infinity
Great Product

Four Stars
Reviewed by Aayalan - Via Amazon
Its Good

one can easily make a suitable jig from MSG and a few
Reviewed by Jonathan Smith
This is quite expensive because it is well made but has quite limited use, one can easily make a suitable jig from MSG and a few screws. I thought it would hook onto my trend varijig but it doesn't.

Good Idea
Reviewed by Gary P. - Via Amazon
This has got to be one of the most useful router attachments I have ever bought. I now am able to use my router in lots of new and different ways.

Well made good add on
Reviewed by Douglas B - Via Rockler
This a five accessory. I want to buy the other accessories that are available

A very versatile accessory
Reviewed by Peter J - Via Rockler
I have had mine for several years, use it for a variety of tasks. Bought one for my son in-law who's getting into the hobby.

Reviewed by Luis O - Via Rockler
I love it, it works. I highly recommend it.

nice piece of hardware
Reviewed by Dale M - Via Rockler
It will bring life to an old large plunge router.

Reviewed by whr - Via Rockler
great tool

Best thing since sliced....
Reviewed by Dutch - Via Rockler
have four Bosch routers, found their guide adequate but with short comings. took a look at this unit and it is an absolutely great upgrade. the fact that it is capable of multiple chores and is built with precision should not get in the way of it just being fun to work with. added the edge trim guide and spent the afternoon finding out what it was capable of. I'm happy as a clam.

Works well
Reviewed by Jim - Via Rockler
It works as advertised and is easy to use.

Excellent Product
Reviewed by Scott B - Via Rockler
Definitely makes numerous jobs more easy

Very Useful Tool
Reviewed by Bernard Charron - Hartville Tool
very useful tool

Really Helpful
Reviewed by Patrick Leleux - M POWER
really helpful, how could I do without it?

Great Tool
Reviewed by Dutch Walters - Rockler
fits the current Bosch 1617 Plunge as well as the 1hp and 1.1/4hp Bosch Colt Plunge

Good Versatile Tool
Reviewed by Alistair Lodsman - Timbecon
Good Versatile Tool