Customer reviews

Great Sharpener
Reviewed by James M. McCain
Works as advertised. Great sharpener.

Keeps your router bits sharp
Reviewed by Donald A. Kalina
I purchased this to sharpen by router bits. I do a lot off carving and thought this would help keep my bits sharp. So far it seems to be doing the job quite well.

This tool is real handy to keep in your pocket...
Reviewed by AmazonUSACustomer
This tool is real handy to keep in your pocket or toolbox to sharpen a knife or as I use it for utility blades in construction. It saves many trips out of the attic or from under a house. Just a few strokes and back to cutting.Utility Blades may be cheap but they are usually not convenient to keep with me so this solves that problem.

Four Stars
Reviewed by Buster Boy
Great Product.