MPOWER completed the repayment of our entire, historical, carbon debt at the end of June 2016. Now fully repaid we continue to offset our ongoing carbon emmisions, with an aim to be in a position of surplus, offseting the CO2 generated on a personal level by the entire team and even some of our customers.

We do this by sponsoring villages on the front line of Amazon deforestation, through Cool Earth. Our contributions to the Ashaninka go towards building livelihoods to ensure that their people can earn more from keeping the forest standing than they would otherwise earn from clearing it.
The more biodiverse a forest, the more carbon it stores. Cool Earth work with local communities and keep an eye on the forest using satellite imaging.

We are very proud of our partnership with Cool Earth and our commitment to the future of the rainforest. If you would like to get involved, please visit their site to learn more about what they do

“The Forest is life for us”
Macario Lopez, Parijaro Village
Empowering the Ashananki to shield millions of acres of Amazon rainforest