Very few tools offer more bang for your buck than the router. So any product that promises to make my router even more versatile quickly gets my attention. While theCRB7 Combination Router Base from M.Power has been around for several years, they continue to refine it and add new accessories to make it even better (photos above).


The CRB7 (priced at $110) comes packaged as shown in the left photo above and includes two sets of guide rods to fit just about any router. The guide rods fit into a machined aluminium block on one end of the base that has built-in micro-adjustability for dialing in the router’s position on the base or work piece.


In addition, the CRB7can be used for its straightedge guide function (right photo above), as a large or small circle compass, or for making repeatable dadoes and edge-guide routing. A pair of mortise pillars can even turn your router into a simple mortising machine.