Professional Review

When it comes to drawing large arcs and circles, a traditional beam compass or trammel can be a little awkward to set up and use. As you draw the arc, it has a tendency to tip, making it difficult to get a consistent arc or circle. The new Tri-Scribe trammel heads shown in the photos above by M-Power Tools step up to the plate with some unique and innovative features. Versatility. The first thing to note about the trammel heads in the kit is that they can be attached to any metal rule, straightedge, or square. This gives you a wide range of options for layout work. But what's even better about these heads is that they lie flat. The low center of gravity gives you more control so your layouts will be more accurate. The angled points do the work as you slide the heads along the workpiece. The kit shown above comes with a steel scribe and pencil. You can also purchase an optional cutter with replaceable blades.